Training Testimonial – “Alex” – “I would definitely trust Chelsie and Bruce with any of my babies”

Training Testimonial - "Alex" - "I would definitely trust Chelsie and Bruce with any of my babies"

BRCS 3-12-16 B-3795

I sent my son to summer camp at Chelsie Natural Horsemanship!

Alex, my 4 year old AQHA/APHA pearl cream gelding, was orphaned at 2 days old and raised by us at our family ranch. I had done all the training on him and had about 120 rides on him at the point I decided to take him to Chelsie. Alex was mouthy and had a tendency to rear up when "strangers" would try to lead him. He also had reared under saddle a couple times with me riding when asked to lope off. People at our barn, including my mother, were hesitant to handle him. I felt he was immature and had a difficult time trusting or relating to other people.


Choosing a trainer was a tough decision. Alex and I have a special bond since he was an orphan and I basically was his mother. Dropping him off and leaving him was one of the most difficult things I've ever had to do! I have worked as a riding instructor and have trained horses for other people over the years as well as starting all of my own, and in the past when I have resorted to other trainers for help, it usually turned out to be a disappointment. I wanted someone with a Parelli based education, knowing my boy would take total advantage of someone who didn't know at least as much as I do. Some of my horse friends questioned my choice of a "natural horsemanship" trainer, telling me they'd only do groundwork and Alex wouldn't see any "wet saddle blankets". This wasn't the case at all! Bruce was riding Alex consistently, achieving good forward movement, and introducing him to trail riding. He's very patient and BRAVE, riding my clumsy boy over tires and other challenging tests! Chelsie fixed Alex's poor social graces too, I saw changes in his attitude in as little as two weeks!


Since returning home after 10 weeks of training, everyone at our barn is able to pet Alex. This is a huge thing! My mother leads him around confidently, and other barn workers are successfully handling him too! He can still be a lazy boy, but he lopes right off when I ask him, and there's been no rearing. I even rode bareback in a halter and one rein, and he went everywhere I asked without refusal- something that used to be a challenge for us.

I would definitely trust Chelsie and Bruce with any of my babies. Alex will likely return for a shorter camp each summer!

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